Am I the Uncommon Philosopher?


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No, I am not even a common philosopher or any kind of a philosopher. I use that term in its modern meaning of a highly qualified academic in a university department. In today’s highly specialized world you need three degrees to fully analyse in all its grammatical and linguistic complexity the sentence, “The cat sat on the mat”. I am not knocking technical philosophy. Like all forms of knowledge that have been acquired by hard work and study, such expertise has many uses. But it is remote from the ordinary person. Someone going through a marriage breakup, a bereavement or a major illness is not going to find much help in linguistic analysis. A highly qualified academic might respond that such a person is not going to find much help either from plasma physics, mechanical engineering, or computer programming etc. That is true. But philosophy is meant to be about all the big questions of life, and some freelance philosophers, such as say Roger Scruton, are able to address those central questions.

So, the ordinary person like myself can put in their two cents worth of experience. Not only that, the ordinary person can point to sources that have helped to navigate the trying issues of life.

I hope to bounce some of those ideas around in the blog, and hope you will find that not just interesting, but of actual help in how we should try to live our lives.

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